Our Services

“The Giant Swarm team has been involved with the container revolution since the beginning, and has done an excellent job avoiding the hype and delivering practical solutions for those looking to run containers for real.”

—Kelsey Hightower, Staff Developer Advocate, Google Cloud Platform

Keeping Your Business Up and Running - Always

Our dedicated System Reliability Engineers allow us to always wrap our product with a layer of services that make a real difference. Our SREs become part of your team ensuring business continuity together with risk mitgation in running your cloud native stack.

Guaranteed High SLAs

We know you depend on us to run your business. As a result we guarantee an uptime of 99.95%. We also work to keep our average response time as low as 3 minutes, lower than our contractual obligation.

Dedicated Support via Slack

Forget about opening a ticket that gets escalated between the different layers of support. A go-to person, on a dedicated Slack channel, is there to talk you through any problem.

Proactive Trouble-Shooting

If we find an issue that you did not report, we will fix it and roll it out automatically. We don't wait for you to encounter trouble and request a fix for something we already know about.

Fixes of Postmortems Across all Customers

We crowd-source for you. We apply learnings and postmortems to all our customers in a push mechanism. Once we figure it out for anybody, even ourselves, you enjoy the fruits of the labor.

Simple Upgrades to Kubernetes and Apps

We make sure that you always run the latest version of Kubernetes and all the other apps that make up your cloud native infrastructure. Thus, avoiding the complexities created by "upgrade debt". Our upgrade methodology saves you the headache of doing it yourself. It ensures no disruption of your business, or getting your personnel tied up in the upgrade effort.

Transparent Hotfixes and Security Patches

When the community finds and fixes a problem, we've got your back. We will have it ready and promptly deployed to your clusters and you continue to work as usual.

Why Giant Swarm?

Building, scaling, and maintaining a microservice infrastructure is complex and resource intensive. Giant Swarm is there to help you find your perfect future infrastructure, efficiently build it, and run it for or with you.

Working with microservices since 2010

Already in 2010 we moved our former company, a real-time data driven advertising platform, to microservices. We had dozens of distributed services on 100s of servers. We tried everything from PaaS, over AWS, to own bare metal and then started building our own tooling and framework.

We breathe automation

Running a multitude of distributed services on fleets of servers without automation takes away speed and agility. In our experience 20% to 30% of technical resources get spent on operations - resources that could be used to innovate. Automating your microservice infrastructure is the only way out of this vicious circle.

We provide the missing links

There are lots of tools and systems out there that solve specific problems when it comes to microservice infrastructure. However, these tools need to be carefully integrated and made to work together. Further, they need to be deployed and maintained in an automated way. We build the missing links and automation that transforms your choice of tooling into a fully-integrated microservice infrastructure.

Great relationships to partners

We regularly involve our partners in collaborative infrastructure projects. Your individual requirements for a microservice infrastructure might involve specific adjustments of the tooling from various companies. As one of the central companies in the microservice and container ecosystem, we foster close relationships to all important ecosystem partners.

Vendor independence

Microservices and containers are still not in a mature stage of development. Choosing vendors and technologies is a complex task and includes some remaining risk of vendor lock-in. With our Giant Swarm framework we design infrastructure that is independent and flexible - always using the right tool for the right job. Even changing out the container engine is possible.