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“The Giant Swarm team has been involved with the container revolution since the beginning, and has done an excellent job avoiding the hype and delivering practical solutions for those looking to run containers for real.”

—Kelsey Hightower, Staff Developer Advocate, Google Cloud Platform

Transforming Your Organization Towards Microservices

We provide a wide range of services, expertise, and skills to support you exactly where you need it most. From defining your infrastructure and architecture vision to keeping production systems happy, we are here for you. If you prefer to let your own team do a job, we collaborate and pave the way for frictionless knowledge transfer.


Every company is different. This manifests in individual goals and needs for infrastructure and architecture. We sit together with your team and make sure we understand, exactly which problems you face, where you are today, and how microservices can help you get to where you want to be in the market.


Microservices and container infrastructures are great, but there’s no out-of-the-box solution out there that gets you from where you are now to your dream solution. We design an infrastructure and architecture that allows you to grow and innovate — flexible to integrate exactly the right technologies to do the job right for your individual needs, free from vendor lock-in — and build a clear roadmap to make it happen.


From proof of concept to production-ready systems, we build and automate a fully-integrated microservice infrastructure for you, based on open source components as well as Giant Swarm tooling. If needed we work closely with our network of ecosystem partners to adapt technologies to your specific needs. You get a future-proof microservice infrastructure that scales with your needs and enables you to speed up your innovation process.


We help your team get up to speed on the technologies involved. Further, we can hand over operations, monitoring, and maintenance of systems to your team — we take care of the knowledge transfer.


If desired, we operate, monitor, and maintain your infrastructure for you — in parts or as a whole, no matter if in your data centers or ours. If you prefer you can even host your solution with public cloud providers.

Why Giant Swarm?

Building, scaling, and maintaining a microservice infrastructure is complex and resource intensive. Giant Swarm is there to help you find your perfect future infrastructure, efficiently build it, and run it for or with you.

Working with microservices since 2010

Already in 2010 we moved our former company, a real-time data driven advertising platform, to microservices. We had dozens of distributed services on 100s of servers. We tried everything from PaaS, over AWS, to own bare metal and then started building our own tooling and framework.

We breathe automation

Running a multitude of distributed services on fleets of servers without automation takes away speed and agility. In our experience 20% to 30% of technical resources get spent on operations - resources that could be used to innovate. Automating your microservice infrastructure is the only way out of this vicious circle.

We provide the missing links

There are lots of tools and systems out there that solve specific problems when it comes to microservice infrastructure. However, these tools need to be carefully integrated and made to work together. Further, they need to be deployed and maintained in an automated way. We build the missing links and automation that transforms your choice of tooling into a fully-integrated microservice infrastructure.

Great relationships to partners

We regularly involve our partners in collaborative infrastructure projects. Your individual requirements for a microservice infrastructure might involve specific adjustments of the tooling from various companies. As one of the central companies in the microservice and container ecosystem, we foster close relationships to all important ecosystem partners.

Vendor independence

Microservices and containers are still not in a mature stage of development. Choosing vendors and technologies is a complex task and includes some remaining risk of vendor lock-in. With our Giant Swarm framework we design infrastructure that is independent and flexible - always using the right tool for the right job. Even changing out the container engine is possible.

“Giant Swarm would have saved us lot's of pain and time while building our own microservice infrastructure for Wunderlist.”

—Christian Reber, Founder and CEO, Wunderlist

Customer Stories


From four hours to four minutes: Neofonie reaps the benefits of microservices on Giant Swarm's Private Cloud

Neofonie was tasked with breaking down a monolithic application into microservices for one of their bigger customers. By choosing Giant Swarm’s Private Cloud they could build up a continuous delivery pipeline, enabling them to deploy their microservices several times a day.

"With Giant Swarm we successfully implemented a continuous delivery pipeline within a few weeks. It saves us time and money."

—Jan De Cooman, former Lead Developer Neofonie

The Microservices Buzz

Microservices vs Monolith

The "Microservices" buzz gets a lot of attention lately. And we say: rightfully so!

Our experience with developing, maintaining, and growing distributed systems for many years has taught us that microservices are the future of distributed software architecture. But they’re not a free lunch. There are lots of challenges to take on until you can truly benefit from the speed and agility they bring.

Read more about the benefits and challenges of Microservices in our Introduction to Microservices.