Introduction to our Managed Kubernetes Infrastructure

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Why Giant Swarm?

Native Kubernetes

Native Kubernetes

We provide certified Kubernetes clusters with the freedom to run your preferred tools. Upgrades are guaranteed within 30 days.

Hard Multi-Tenancy

Hard Multi-Tenancy

Soft multi-tenancy via namespaces and RBAC is not enough in the enterprise context. Enjoy the freedom to create and scale as many fully isolated clusters as needed.

Hybrid Cloud Portability

Hybrid Cloud Portability

Pick the right tool for the job. Use Kubernetes clusters where you need them, be it on-premises or on your preferred cloud provider.

Enterprise Security

Enterprise Security

You're secured by continuous updates of all infrastructure components on all installations. Our end-to-end encryption with rolling keys keeps your secrets safe.

Operated 24/7

Operated 24/7

Our SREs monitor your clusters 24/7 ensuring that your business is operational at all times.

Exceptional Support

Exceptional Support

We are getting you into production whatever it takes. We act as your remote Kubernetes experts responding immediately to any questions via a private Slack Channel.

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Our Platform

The Giant Swarm platform consists of various components that can be broadly categorized into three areas: infrastructure, operations, and applications. Next to open source products from various leading companies in the ecosystem, we develop our own tools that interact with, automate, and manage the infrastructure and its components.

Use Cases

Distributed Applications

Create distributed applications by breaking your application apart into decoupled services that can be built and scaled separately.

Application Modernization

Re-architect part of an existing, older application towards a modern microservices architecture.


Setup your CI/CD pipeline and enable your developers to develop faster by automating testing and rollouts to QA, staging, and production environments.


Break down barriers between Dev and Ops teams by improving communication flows and having clear responsibilities to ultimately boost the application development process.

Multi-Cloud Deployments

Deploy your containers in the same way no matter which hosting model you choose - your preferred cloud, on-premise, or any kind of hybrid model.

Infrastructure Optimization

Increase efficiency by optimizing the use of infrastructure. Instant availability of compute resources enables quick iterations and creativity in your development team.

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From four hours to four minutes: Neofonie reaps the benefits of microservices on Giant Swarm

Neofonie was tasked with breaking down a monolithic application into microservices for one of their bigger customers. By choosing Giant Swarm they could build up a continuous delivery pipeline, enabling them to deploy their microservices several times a day.

"With Giant Swarm we successfully implemented a continuous delivery pipeline within a few weeks. It saves us time and money."

—Jan De Cooman, former Lead Developer Neofonie

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