Meet the Giant Swarm team at one of the occasions listed here.

Past events

Whenever we have video recordings, slides or useful notes and links from an event, you'll find them here.

AWS Summit Berlin

Software Circus 2017

Software Circus is always a blast. Looking forward to next year!

Container Days 2017

Timo spoke about Giantnetes at Container Days in Hamburg.

CoreOS Fest 2017

AWS Summit Berlin

KubeCon EU 2017

Timo talked about how we run Kubernetes in Kubernetes aka Kubeception.

DevOps Gathering 2017

Timo spoke about how we run Kubernetes in Kubernetes.

ContainerConf 2016

Timo talked about testdriving infrastructure and Daniel about Kubernetes in practice.

KubeCon 2016

Kubernetes Training Day

Our Kubernetes Training Day was a success, the next one will be coming soon.

CoreOS Fest 2016

Hector gave a talk about how we scale fleet clusters with gRPC.


Hugo gave a talk about systemd containers as a development tool for distributed systems and Timo spoke about how to implement a distributed init with systemd.

The Architecture Gathering

Matthias and Dennis spoke about patterns in a containerized world.

Cloud-Computing Rhein-Main

Puja spoke about Linux containers and Docker.

CoreOS Fest 2015

The first ever CoreOS Fest. Timo gave a talk about 'Containers on the Autobahn'.

Docker and CoreOS Meetup Cologne

Our first Meetup in 2015. Featuring Neil Jerram of Project Calico with an introduction on how Calico works with CoreOS and Docker and Johann Romefort formerly of Seesmic talking about Weave.

CoreOS Meetup Cologne, October 14, 2014

Meetup on CoreOS, featuring talks by Brandon Philips and Luke Marsden