Our Promise to Our Customers

We know legal documents can get complicated. We thought we’d add one page, where you can read very quickly, what our promise to you is. We have adapted this from Heroku’s promises:

  • We provide you a swarm (a microservice infrastructure to deploy, run, and scale your apps on), you own what’s in it.
  • We like standards, and if there is an option for us not to interfere, but build on top of them, we will.
  • Reliability is not a USP, it’s a basic requirement. While 100% uptime is a myth, we will do our best to achieve it, giving you tools and best practices to use our microservice infrastructure as best possible to achieve that goal on your end.
  • One of the most important parts of agile development is the retrospective and we will have a thorough one after each problem we encounter and be as public as possible about our resolutions.
  • During Open Alpha, accounts will remain free. On an individual basis we will contact you, if we feel that paying something would be in the best interest of all users of our service.
  • We live and die based on our users, hence supporting you as good as possible, is core to our raison d’être.