Giant Swarm’s mission is to give everyone the power and freedom to build the software that runs the world.

Everyone from startups to enterprises uses Giant Swarm’s managed microservices infrastructure to run agile, resilient, distributed systems at scale - without any need to think about the complex underlying infrastructure.

Our Story

At our last company (a real-time data driven advertising platform with up to 10.000s requests per second) we grew pretty quickly and after a rush of feature implementations we stood there with a monolithic app that now had to be scaled. We looked closely at the different requirements within our stack and decided that we would prefer to choose the right tool for each job.

By isolating problems into small services we were able to scale in many dimensions. Teams weren’t blocking each other, services could be scaled independently, and we iterated faster. But suddenly up to 30% of our development resources were blocked by automating and maintaining the infrastructure running a zoo of technologies - that was simply too distracting and expensive.

After we successfully sold and later left the company we started to work on a next generation microservices platform in 2013. Wherever we demoed it, people wanted to have access to use it too or join the team to work with us on this new infrastructure. So the microservices infrastructure itself became our next idea - Giant Swarm.

Meet the Giant Swarm Team

Timo Derstappen
Co-Founder and CTO
Marian Steinbach
User Experience Designer
Puja Abbassi
Developer Advocate
Henning Lange
Co-Founder and CEO
Oliver Thylmann
Co-Founder and CCO
Anna Löw
People Operations
Tim Schindler
Platform Engineer
Tobias Bradtke
Support Engineer
Oliver Nicolaas Ponder
Front End Engineer
Joe Salisbury
Platform Reliability Engineer
Thea Hüttenberger
Operations Manager
Václav Rozsypalek
Site Reliability Engineer
Ross Fairbanks
Platform Engineer
Paweł Kopiczko
Platform Engineer
Marcel Müller
Working Student
Roman Sokolkov
Site Reliability Engineer
Volodymyr Stoiko
Site Reliability Engineer
Julien Garcia Gonzalez
Solution Engineer
Fernando Ripoll
Solution Engineer
Tuomas Mäkinen
Platform Engineer
Théo Brigitte
Platform Engineer
Tobias Richter
Engineering Intern
Tommy Hobin
Inbound Marketing Manager
Simon Potgieter
Sales Manager

Open Source Projects & Contributions

Mayu helps you to provision a cluster of bare metal machines with CoreOS

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Yochu helps you to provision custom binaries onto CoreOS hosts

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Kocho helps setting up CoreOS clusters on AWS EC2 servers

Learn More

Onsho helps you manage virtualized CoreOS clusters on your local machine

Learn More

fleet is a distributed init system

Learn More

A general-purpose web UI for Kubernetes clusters

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Life at Giant Swarm


Creative work needs freedom and openness. We expect passion and encourage sustainability. If you need rest, take it. We don't count holidays or hours of work – we count outcome. You know best how to achieve your best.


Our ambitious goals are only achievable as a team. Everybody's input is highly welcome and appreciated. Always question the status quo and find new ways of getting us closer to our goal.


Learning is mandatory and should be fun at the same time. Your Tour of Duty not only includes what needs to get done, but also what you want from us for your personal development.

Basics for Applicants

We offer fair (transparent and open) salaries with benefits like choosing your own laptop, public transport ticket, relocation services as well as a stock options program.


Every few months, we do an offsite to escape the daily routine, focus on key problem areas and bound as a team. Pics of the last ones can be found in the gallery below or on Flickr.

Where we Work

Work is where we get work done. Work, when and wherever you want. We prefer you to work in tech hubs, but it's always your decision.

Daily Tools

GitHub, Huboard, HubSpot, Slack, Google Apps. Tools depend on what you are working on: For developers it's rather GitHub, Huboard, CLIs, and your editor of choice. For marketers more Google Apps, HubSpot, and Asana. Slack is for everybody.


We believe transparency and an open culture leads to better decisions overall, so every colleague is able to get any piece of information within the company, even salaries and financials. It's always transparency first.


Currently our team members have more children than we are employees. So family-friendliness is a must.


We have: daily standups, weekly meetings for retro and planning as well as growth, a company jour fix every two weeks, and most importantly lunch-hangouts with the entire team :)


We go to conferences on a regular basis. Check out our events page to find out where you can meet us.

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