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Run Containers
in Production in anyRegion

Giant Swarm and Microsoft have partnered to bring Giant Swarm's Managed Kubernetes Service to Microsoft Azure customers.

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Accelerate Your Cloud Native Success

With Giant Swarm you get an always up-to-date cloud native platform + 24/7 operations + hands-on expert support to run containerized applications securely and reliably in production at scale.

Ship Everyday

Giant Swarm makes it easy to connect your CI/CD to your Kubernetes clusters to deploy effortlessly everyday.

Develop Quickly

Developers build and deploy faster with Giant Swarm as they focus on their code while Giant Swarm takes care that their cloud native stack is up-to-date and operational at all times.

Run Securely

Giant Swarm comes with a lot of security defaults, being it full isolation of every Kubernetes cluster, RBAC, Pod Security and Advanced Network Policies to secure your clusters, pods and containers at all times.

Run Reliably

Giant Swarm runs containers in production for some of the world's leading organisations since 2015 and will keep your cloud native stack up-to-date and operational at all times.

Run Anywhere

Built on top of open source technology, Giant Swarm provides you the same vanilla Kubernetes in any data-center and cloud, maintaining your flexibility.

Scale Infinitely

Giant Swarm enables you to easily use 100+ fully separated clusters with the latest Kubernetes version across your organization, data-centers and clouds while scaling each cluster independently.

See Giant Swarm in Action on Azure

Learn how easy it is with Giant Swarm to create and scale a fully-managed Kubernetes cluster with your preferred config and tooling within any Azure region.

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Beyond Azure Kubernetes Service

Giant Swarm provides a lot of value on top of AKS. Once AKS is mature enough Giant Swarm will reconsider to use AKS instead of provisioning vanilla Kubernetes clusters itself.

Focused on Enterprises

While Cloud Providers need to serve the masses Giant Swarm is geared towards enterprises with strong requirements for enhanced security, high availability and scalability within their organisation and across infrastructures.

Vanilla Kubernetes Anywhere

While Cloud Providers tend to provide you a conform Kubernetes in adoption to their cloud platform and services Giant Swarm provides you the same vanialla Kubernetes experience in your data-centers and clouds via one unified API.

Freedom of Choice

To empower your devops teams Giant Swarm enables you to start and scale Kubernetes clusters with their preferred configuration and tooling on-demand.

Managed Services

While a managed Kubernetes cluster is a good start, it's only a piece of the puzzel to run cloud native applications in production. Giant Swarm offers a full-managed cloud native stack with an inceasing number of managed services.

Partner for Production Success

Giant Swarm not only provides you a managed Kubernetes clusters but partners up with you to get your use-cases successfull into production whatever it takes including 24/7 operations with direct access via Slack to our machine room.

Production Proven

Last but not least, while AKS is still under development, Giant Swarm is production proven since 2015 by many enterprises including some of the worlds leading organizations.

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For faster access, please take our survey so that we can understand your use case - it only takes a minute.
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