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We transform your organization successfully to productive microservices from start to finish. Our framework and expertise save you a massive amount of time and money in getting your microservices up and running.


Every company is different. This manifests in individual goals and needs for infrastructure and architecture. Read more


We design an infrastructure and architecture that allows you to grow and innovate. Read more


From proof of concept to production-ready systems, we build and automate a fully-integrated microservice infrastructure for you. Read more


We help your team get up to speed on the technologies involved. Read more


If desired, we operate, monitor, and maintain your infrastructure for you — in parts or as a whole. Read more

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Oliver Thylmann
Founder and CCO

Let’s start your journey towards microservices today

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Neofonie reaps the benefits of microservices on Giant Swarm's Private Cloud

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Our Microservices Framework

Our framework allows to efficiently build tailored microservices infrastructures based on your needs and preferences.

Adaptive: Staying flexible to cope with changing needs

Open Source: No vendor lock-in

Fully Integrated: Integrating with the right tools saving time and money for costly evaluation

Portable: Running everywhere, from laptop to private infrastructure and cloud providers

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Technology partners

“Giant Swarm is at the forefront of next-generation infrastructures. Few have built up so much knowledge around containers.”

—Felix Hupfeld, Co-founder and CTO Quobyte, Ex-Google Storage
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